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David and I bought our home in Dorset, Vermont in May, 2003.  We had an architect and his wife help us with additions and decorating our home.  They introduced us to Patrick and Thea Dolan, to build furniture for our home.  We had specific areas in the house where we needed something built just for that spot.  They built for us pieces of furniture for just about every room in our home.  The kitchen, great room, den, master bedroom, guest bedrooms, porch and guest cottage.  Patrick would come to our home and discuss where the furniture was going to be placed and exactly what I needed it to do and look like.  He spends a lot of time thinking about the job and giving several ideas through drawings, etc.  Everything is important to him, the size, the look, the style the design, etc. etc.  Recently, he made all the furniture for our master bedroom.  We have a king size cherry bed with beside tables with a bureau and an armoir that holds the TV and has three large drawers.  He also made beautiful mirrors for over the bureau and for the bathroom.  His work is excellent.  We are a busy family and everything in our home is well used.  His furniture has held up extremely well over the years and that is something that is very important to us.  He knows wood and he knows how to treat it and what works best in different conditions, etc.  Anyone would love to have a Patrick and Thea Dolan piece of furniture in their home because it would be made thoughtfully and with great care and attention.  We love all of their pieces in our home.

Holly and David Jacobstein, Dorset, Vermont September 16, 2014

When we embarked on the design and construction of our custom Vermont home, we endeavored to find a cabinet maker that would bring a unique set of design sensibilites and creativity to the project. Someone that thought, “outside the box” (or, cabinet as it were). Patrick Dolan proved to be just that team. His expertise, ingenuity, honesty and integrity contributed greatly to the final project that is our home. He and his team consistently delivered a quality product, well constructed and delivered and installed on time. Any builder or homeowner that would be lucky (and, smart) enough to invite Patrick and Thea Dolan to participate in their project will not be disappointed. Indeed they will be rewarded with a final outcome that will both satisfy and impress.

September 16, 2014

[The bureau] is absolutely beautiful, gorgeous, handsome.  We LOVE it.  It is a work of art, for sure.  Our daughter is here for the week and she loves it too.

Holly September 16, 2014

After delaying a kitchen renovation for over two years because we could not seem to find someone who understood our way of thinking, we found Patrick.  Our project was not huge and involved cutting down kitchen cabinetry and combining a new cabitnet to fit in with the old.  Patrick was totally understanding of our needs and designed exactly what we wanted.  The quality of his work was fantastic and we were terrifically happy with his knowledge.  We would recommend him wholeheartly.  We love our remodeled kitchen and so does everyone who see it.

Bill and Becky Burke September 16, 2014

The table is stunning. We are under renovation so everything else is in shambles but the table is perfect. We'll have a party when renovation is complete so you'll have to come see for yourself.

Tara September 16, 2014

Their meticulous attention to detail from inception to completion made the process so easy and enjoyable for us. They took the time to really listen and understand our needs. Pat and Thea are true masters of their craft!

September 16, 2014

I am a residential designer in Taos, New Mexico, where I have designed and supervised the construction of well over a hundred homes since 1973.

Over the last decade it has been my immense pleasure to have worked with Dolan Custom Woodworks on numerous projects – from simple remodels to million dollar custom homes. Pat and Thea have consistently delivered that magical blend of the highest quality work at a reasonable price. Whatever I may have designed, they find ways to improve upon it and make me look good! They have been valued members of every team with which they work, making every project enjoyable as well as successful.

Dolan Custom Woodworks gets my highest recommendation!

Vishu Magee, Taos, NM September 16, 2014

I am a residential general contractor in Carmel Ca., having spent over a decade living and working in Taos, NM. I have worked with Patrick and Thea Dolan for more than 15 years. The Dolans are a very talented woodworkers and extremely trustworthy business people. I chose to bring in the Dolans on board every project when given the choice. I found them extremely easy to work with. Our typical client is sophisticated and discerning and Patrick was one of the few subcontractors that I could trust to work alongside our clientele. The bottom line is that the Dolans, in every case, built a strong relationship with the client that ultimately made me look good too. And of course, their craftsmanship was unparalleled. They are masters, and quality individuals - I recommend the Dolans wholeheartedly, and without reservation.

Cody West Senior, Project Manager, Groza Construction October 3, 2014

Working with the Dolans has been my pleasure for 10 years. They do amazing work, from the initial client meeting, through to the final day of installation. They are honest, resourceful, responsive, and fun to work with. In all of the years of projects we have collaborated on I have not had a single issue with them, or their work.

Aaron Magee, Owner, Magee Build Taos, NM October 3, 2014

Just wanted to tell you how much I love the headboard. It's perfect. Thanks so much.

Catherine September 16, 2014

I enjoyed working with you on our little project and I couldn't be happier with the end product. You met my specific and unusual needs in a very odd-shaped room. In particular, the computer setup couldn't be better and I use it all the time. You were on budget, on schedule and the quality of your work was excellent. In addition, you were easy to work with. Our back and forth was very productive and resulted in a superior product. And I consider your costs to be reasonable. As I said, I couldn't be happier.

George Long September 16, 2014